Trailblazing solar energy for Alberta.

With your lifestyle in mind, we deliver integrated solar arrays with smart energy management for residential homes. We love helping Albertans live greener by providing fully connected, turn-key sustainable energy solutions. Connect with us for more information on how you can dynamically control your energy consumption and reduce your overall carbon footprint.
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Reliable, clean power whenever you need it.

Our team of experts offers you a free consultation and then handles all stages of our quality-guaranteed installation process. Paired with our Savant Power technology platform you can seamlessly integrate renewable and traditional sources of power generation with an energy storage system. Take control of your energy consumption and lose your dependence on the grid.

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Charging your electric vehicle? Use solar energy anytime with a battery backup.

Drive clean. By adding a battery backup system to your solar project, you can draw 100% clean, renewable energy anytime. Connect with our team today to find out more about battery backup systems from Boreal Connected Energy.

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Solar Panels

Monitor usage data with the Savant Pro App

Improved performance with battery backup

Energy Independence

Take a holistic approach to solar.

Our smart energy management, powered by Savant Energy, allows you to tie in other home automation systems as well for HVAC, irrigation, pool controls, lighting, and many more. Having all your energy needs on the same platform unlocks additional efficiencies—and savings.

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Excellent  5 star ratings

Amazing Experience with Boreal Connected Energy.

Boreal Energy did an incredible job on our home. Jordan and the Boreal team are a pleasure to deal with, and handled all the permits and inspections with the City for us. They ended up doing a few other roofs on our street as well. Wishing you guys alot of luck!

John S.


Jordan's team is excellent. Would highly recommend. Having the app to control our lighting and monitor our panels is a real value-add for us.

Angus G.

Great team!

It was a pleasure to work with this team. They were prompt and worked on our roof for three days in the blazing hot Alberta sun to get this done for us. At one point a deranged eagle swooped down, tearing away Jordan’s moustache. He fought bravely, however, the eagle got away. Anyways, having the batteries to charge our car is great too. Would definitely use you guys again.

Christy Y.

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